We Would like to Help you Find “Your Next Best Friend”

Miniature Schnauzers

We love the Miniature Schnauzers and raising these babies has been a great joy to us for many years now. When speaking to different families we truly try to help provide what they are looking to find for their next best friend. Some families have an interest in the Miniatures on a smaller scale. We have been blessed to have some of the best of Miniatures in all sizes. From our smallest, a micro teacup size 2 1/2lbs to our largest mini of 20lbs. So whatever size you are looking for we do try to supply the perfect one just for you…..

Specialized Colors

We have several colors and patterns that are rare and others which are the standard colors all absolutely amazing. Some of the colors are as follows…
Non Fading Blacks
Livers (Chocolate)
Wheatens from Cream to Dark Red White
Black & Silver
Liver & Tans


Our beautiful Miniature Schnauzers have amazing coats. Most have a super coat and others the heaviest of coats, mega coats. Some of the coats do mat and require brushing more often that other coats, but most of the coats on these babies do not mat easily.


Who We Are

My husband and I brought our first little schnauzer home for our granddaughter who wanted to be a vet. We were all totally smitten with this breed. The rest is history….

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide each and every family with a little pal they can call their very best forever friend…..

Our Mission

Our Mission is to raise the friendliest, most intelligent and healthiest babies for anyone looking for their next best friend for many years to come.

Schnauzer Pal News

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